Welcome to Rassi's Retreat! This website is the home of Rassi's Web Design, Rassi's Remote PC Repair, as well as a number of pages devoted to various interests and hobbies for Rassi. Rassi has been working with computers since 1980, and I have had my own web site since 1998. Prior to that, I was active on the BBS (Bulletin Board System) scene, and even was a member of FidoNet for a number of years.

Some of my favorite topics are listed along the left hand side of this page.  Just click on any one that may interest you and you will be transported to that part of my site.

One of the tabs that I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on is my Remote PC Repair service.  I have helped people here in Ohio, in Illinois, Tennessee, California, and Arizona, just to mention a few.  If you are having trouble with e-mail, spam, or any other issues, give it a look and hopefully a try.   I am certain you will be satisfied.

My day job is as the IT manager of a mid-sized company, with divisions in several states.  As a side benefit I am able to keep up on the latest in computer and software technology.  If you need help selecting hardware or software, please consider contacting me.  I look forward to establishing long term working relationships with all my clients.

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